Introducing the Record Check System


A complete, end-to-end online background check system for Police Services.
Get online forms for applicants and tools for police staff to process applications.

For years, Police Record Check services have been offered by many Police Services as an in person, standard hardcopy format only. While we at Rogue Data Corporation respect and wish to honor this practice, we also see the opportunity to enhance the Police Record Check service as a whole. Our Record Check system is specifically tailored for Police Services. It not only affords more flexibility to Police Services, but also to the clientele that the Police Service strives to serve and protect; this being the members of the public. 

It works with your internal records management systems, providing immediate results to your staff via critical police databases. We offer online background checks for your community that flows secure information directly into your internal systems, confirms results and provides you with the ability to distribute tamper-proof results electronically. Improve public services while reducing the cost of service delivery! This system has been adopted by the Ottawa Police Service.

Benefits of the System

We give police services the ability to flow online information into controlled internal systems that perform automated queries (based on well-defined business rules) against applicable local and/or national RCMP databases. Benefits of doing this include:

  • Reducing the need for in-person visits to Police facilities
  • Reducing the average wait time experienced by citizens requesting a background check 
  • Ensuring citizens feel that they have received their completed check in a timely manner
  • Delivering superior service to citizens through a medium that is preferred and most commonly used for service requests (online)
  • Reduce police staff effort required to collect information and perform a background check in order to achieve optimum efficiency and effectiveness, allowing police staff to focus on processing, results analysis and trends

Main Services

The Record Check System offers online processes for the submission police check applications along with processing of results back to the applicant. This is achieved through a combination of two distinct services:

  • An External ‘Web Portal‘ includes online forms with the necessary identification and security protocols
  • An Internal ‘Administrative Portal‘ for police staff to prioritize applications, process workflow, render approvals and generate results – all of which resides within the security of internal police networks

Eligible members of the public can apply online from home, pay for their application, and receive results without having to go a local police station. Meanwhile, police staff receive requests, manage walk-ins (e.g. in person requests), review results and approve police checks without having to re key any information. All results documentation is dynamically created.

Some Key Innovations 

The system is rich with features and functionality. Highlights include:

  1. The ability to automatically transact with internal Police systems as well as National databases such as CPIC via your local RMS (e.g.  Versaterm™ or Niche™) and queuing the results for staff to allocate work based on status – all through a single interface
  2. The ability to process and send results electronically to the applicant using tamper-proof digital signatures, meaning eligible clients never need to go the police station to pick up their results