We pride ourselves on ensuring that our products meet the needs, requirements and expectations of your Police Service. We also align with the standards and infrastructure requirements of your Police Service. For example, the Record Check System is designed to accommodate your preferred choice of Electronic Identity Verification (EIV), online Payment Service (E-Commerce) and your existing investments in technical infrastructure (such as internal RMS systems like Versadex). 

Deployment Steps

Service deployment can be a little as 1 week for our entry level solution! Full implementation of our end-to-end solution within 1 month, depending on the readiness of your infrastructure. Here are some of the tasks to consider when planning your implementation:

  1. Identify types of requests (e.g. criminal check, criminal check with judicial matters, vulnerable sector check, etc.)
  2. Update web portal to support workflow and brand to your police department
  3. Adapt workflow to fully, partially or skip integration with RMS
  4. Change management to complement existing processes
  5. Confirm and redefine applications and disclosure forms where needed (e.g. follow LEARN)
  6. Convert existing background forms to fillable PDF with mapped fields
  7. Update reporting to reflect request types and management approach
  8. Payment setup (Paymentus or provider selected by your police service)
  9. Credit setup for Electronic Identity Verification (RCMP verified provider such as TransUnion or Equifax)
  10. Acquire site certificate
  11. Website setup
  12. Administrative portal setup
  13. Digital Signature setup
  14. Training of background personnel


The Record Check System is able to integrate with police record management software such as Versadex™ or Niche™. While integration is optional, it does allow for consolidated queries of local and/or national databases to be conducted in real-time – depending on your requirements, no, full or partial integration is available.  Customization of either the Web or Administrative Portal to suit rules, forms and procedures specific to your jurisdiction is standard. We will work with you to configure the system to support your data, forms and rules.


For added security, the Record Check System is compatible with the AKAMAI shield and has been subject to a full range of third party penetration tests. Our tier 3 data co-location is SOCC 16 certified. From a privacy and data security perspective, all information is for encrypted for ‘police eyes only’ and is not stored on the public web site. This means no third parties have access to or the ability to see applicant information. Information is immediately submitted and stored within secure police networks and not in any public web servers. We provide several digital signature options to ensure your documents remain tamper-proof.

We take security seriously. Please contact us for a detailed discussion on our security protocols and standards.