Administrative Portal

Unified Workflow 

The Administration portal is a fully integrated system for Law Enforcement staff.
It manages record check workflows and associated metrics through a single interface.

The Administrative Portal can automatically query national as well as internal police records databases, then triage applications based on type and priority. Police staff can allocate based on outcome, analyze and interpret the results, determine the background check decision, add remarks as necessary, then close and seal the finished check.  When required, the Record Check System queries 3rd party police agencies to request ‘out-of-jurisdiction’ checks tied to other jurisdictions based on your rules (e.g. living in your jurisdiction less than 5 years).

The Administrative Portal consists of an internal facing system which resides within a Police Service’s secure network. Using the Agile Records ‘Work Bench’, law enforcement staff from the Police Service uses this system to conduct the internal processing related to the decision rendering and completion of a Police Record Check. If a member of the public wishes to physically attend a Police Service detachment, the Police Service staff may also use this system to conduct an in person Police Record Check:

  • Process online and in-person applications
  • Eliminate rekeying of information
  • Leverage your existing RMS systems
  • Query police databases (local, CPIC, PIP)
  • Analysis of query results (e.g. targets need for fingerprinting or ‘hits’ tied to disclosures

The Administrative Portal presents results from local, CPIC, and PIP systems in a single view for police staff decision-making:

  • Drills down into General Occurrence, Court Orders, and Fingerprint identification records 
  • Identifies need for fingerprinting
  • Manages external inquiries
  • Generates required bilingual documents
  • Index disclosure directly