About Us

We help you streamline service delivery. As a Canadian company, our infrastructure and hosting services are located exclusively in Canada.
We strive to provide superior software and support to improve our clients’ service delivery and cost effectiveness.


Our Approach

We have the infrastructure and experience to satisfy your requirements for an end-to-end record check system. Building on your existing investments or preferences in web infrastructure, identity verification, and online payment processes, our team will work with you to ensure the Record Check System aligns with your operational needs.

Our Story

Rogue Data Corporation (RDC) is an Ottawa-based company that specializes in development and hosting of complex business solutions on behalf of governments, healthcare service providers and the private sector since 1996. RDC has developed its own unique message-based solution. This solution is core to the ‘E-Commerce’ platform offered by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), several departments within the Government of Nunavut as well as major hospitals and transportation companies.  All of RDC’s hosted services and solutions use interfaces, networks, PKI security and workflow technologies developed by the Company in Canada. To learn more about our other offerings, go to www.roguedata.com.

RDC, in partnership with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS), launched a transformation initiative to modernize the processing of requests for information, including requests for Vulnerable Sector and Criminal Record Checks. In August 2016, the Record Check System for citizens in the greater Ottawa area was brought online. To streamline and automate the process, RDC and the OPS are designed and implemented an end-to-end solution that builds on provincial requirements using RDC software components and tier 3 hosting services. 

This technology, experience and innovation is now available to your police department.

Next Steps…

We offer your Police Department a fully operational system that will be tailored to your exacting requirements. Building on the Record Check System platform, we are able to provide you with a range of implementation and pricing options. Contact us for a demonstration and request a quote.

Featured Clients

While we have dozens of clients in several industry sectors, we would like to introduce you to our main clients – all of them use the same underlying RDC technology to support wide-range of mission critical services in both policing as well as in other sectors.

All commercial goods entering Canada use the same platform to support over 1 billion dollars per day in commercial goods with over 6,000 companies entering Canada by rail, air, marine and truck. Since go-live in 1998, the system has been in continuous service supporting the processing of cargo and conveyance EDI transactions across 1200 ports of entry.

The Income Support and Senior Citizen Supplemental Benefits programs for the Government of Nunavut. The system handles thousands of case files involving millions in benefits management each year.

The same Rogue Data platform that powers governments, powers the Record Check System adopted by the Ottawa Police Service, is now ready to power your organization.


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