Depending on your City mandate or procurement evaluation criteria, we offer two pricing options to meet the needs of the Community served:

  1. The public pays a convenience fee for each request at no cost to the police service, or
  2. Embedded fee where the price is built into fees charged to the public with the cost of the service built into service fees.

In accordance with the ‘Broader Public Sector Accountability Act of Ontario’, your Police Service may procure your system directly using preset specifications already vetted by other police services. If you are an Ontario-based police service, you now have access to special discounts and other services via the ‘Police Cooperative Purchasing Group‘.

Our entry-level ‘web to email’ police check system assists police services with part of their pandemic response strategy. For those normally with walk-in requests only, it provides the public with a website to complete their applications from home. It then converts their request for a police record check to a secure email that is sent to your internal staff.

  1. The system is designed for rapid deployment with set up within 1 week
  2. It requires minimal involvement from your IT group
  3. It can be upgraded to provide full RMS integration and release of results by email at a later date.

No upfront setup cost* with low transaction-based billing.

Details include:

  • Records Unit staff receive an email with all relevant police check request data.
  • Requests are fully secured and are not stored on any public web servers, with content for ‘police-eyes-only’
  • Equifax is used for Electronic Identity Verification and integrates with your police or municipality’s online payment service.
  • Tailored to your local rules and look.

The entry-level system can be upgraded our fully integrated platform at a later time (for Ontario Police Services, its available through ‘Police Cooperative Purchasing Group’ sponsored by WRPS):

  • The entry-level solution can be integrated with our internal police admin portal which operates within the police system, providing a framework for generating forms and reporting.
  • Provides a way to digitally sign and email results back to the public.
  • Integrates with your RMS (Versaterm or Niche) to fully automate checks against local and national CPIC databases
  • Supports inter-jurisdictional queries via PIP, email or fax when needed
  • Includes automated queuing, allocation, scoring and analysis of results.
  • No re-key of police check information generated by the applicant is required.

Contact us for more information.

* some restrictions may apply.