In accordance with the ‘Broader Public Sector Accountability Act of Ontario’, your Police Service may procure your system directly using preset specifications already vetted by other police services.

If you are an Ontario based police service, you now have access to special discounts and other services via the ‘Police Cooperative Purchasing Group‘.

High Volume Agencies – Police departments that have many thousands of applications per year where a transaction fee may be too expensive, the system may be purchased for a set-up and a fixed monthly fee. Please contact us for quote.

Low Volume Agencies – For smaller police departments, we offer a series of flexible options on a  per transaction basis. The following pricing can vary based on transaction volumes and duration of the service.

  • Option 1 – Basic online services (website only) that integrates with your existing police department backend processes and loads to the existing police website services; there is NO administrative component: per transaction fee: $5.00
  • Option 2 – Basic online services (website) and administrative portal without electronic result distribution: per transaction fee: $7.50
  • Option 3 – Basic online services (website) and administrative portal with electronic result distribution and digital signed PDF to the applicant by email:  per transaction fee: $10.00

Per transactions fees offered above do not include the following additional charges which would be negotiated by RDC on your behalf, or directly by your police service.

  • 3rd party EIV Equifax/TransUnion setup and per transaction billing charges where we are able to integrate with and manage this service on behalf of your police department;
  • Payment fee from a 3rd party payment service provider (e.g. your current online payment systems); and,
  • SSL certificate cost and other security services such as AKAMAI™ (we offer a variety of security options, depending on your requirements).