Web Portal

An Online Service for the Community


The Web Portal is a secure website for the public to prepare and submit a record check online.
Members of the public access this web service like any other website. 

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we offer an entry-level ‘web to email’ service for police agencies that do not offer online forms to their community. This service can be deployed in a week with no upfront cost and low transaction fees. Please contact us for more information.

The Web Portal is a public facing web service which is hosted and resides within Rogue Data’s secure network and tier 3 data centre located in Ottawa. Members of the public create a request for a Police Record Check electronically from any device *add screen text indicating “With Internet capabilities”. Submission is then made directly to the Police Service.  All information required to complete the Police Record Check is collected using online forms. This includes but is not limited to: the requestor’s details, identity confirmation, supporting documentation when needed and payment information:

  • Confirms applicant eligibility
  • Secures with two-step authentication
  • Electronic Identity Verification (EIV)
  • Online payment
  • Validates data entry
  • Attaches supporting documents
  • Email notifications
  • View application status
  • Improve application accuracy and data quality

Any member of the public can access this system 24 hours a day, year round in order to submit their Police Record Check. There is no longer a dependence on a Police Service and its staff to offer extended duty hours to accommodate the needs of their public. Applicants create an account which indexes some of the basic and crucial information related to their Police Record Check (i.e. Surname, Given Name(s) and email). Once the account is created, they are then prompted to log onto their account.

Once logged in, the applicant is greeted with the Request History page. This page summarizes any Police Record Check request previously submitted or currently being processed by the Police Service. The status of any request is updated in real-time for the requestor’s reference. This is also where a new request for a Police Record Check may be created. Each type of Police Record Check and its purpose are summarized to ensure that the correct selection is made.

Completed applications securely flow from the public Web Portal into the Administrative Portal which resides within your police service network. Police Services have the option of building on their existing investments in online services and front end forms already in use.  

See a short Web Portal demonstration.