Web Portal

A user-friendly online portal where applicants can create, submit their applications and monitor progress.


Submit record check and report request applications.


Electronic Identity Verification, online payment and tamper-proof electronic sharing of results minimizes the need for on-site visits.

The Agile Records Web Portal is a public facing web service which is hosted and resides within Rogue Data’s secure network and tier 3 data centre located in Ottawa. Members of the public create a request for a Police Record Check electronically from any device.

For Law Enforcement agencies with an existing website offering online application forms, we can provide a fully integrated workflow system for records staff to extend the value of your current investments.

 Submissions are made directly to the Police Service.  All information required to complete the Police Record Check is collected using online forms. This includes but is not limited to the requestor’s details, identity confirmation, supporting documentation when needed and payment information: 

  • Confirms applicant eligibility 
  • Secures with two-step authentication 
  • Electronic Identity Verification (EIV) options
  • Online payment 
  • Validates data entry 
  • Attaches supporting documents 
  • Email notifications 
  • View application status 
  • Improve application accuracy and data quality