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The police rely on the Agile Records platform to manage criminal record checks, police human resources recruitment, report requests, paid services and specialized crime prevention programs.


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Fastest system in its class on the law enforcement market

Fully integrated into your archive management system

50% fewer visits in person, fewer visitors in the lobby

Flexible, tailored to your unique needs

Introducing Agile Records

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With over 1 million record checks processed to date, Agile Records has a proven track record with law enforcement. Automating police record checks improves law enforcement performance and enhances the overall quality of work, positively impacting daily operations, while helping make community services more effective. Working with closely with law enforcement, we understand the importance of efficiency and accuracy when it comes to conducting police record checks or responding to civil requests for reports and information. The process of manually searching through countless records is time-consuming and prone to data entry errors. This is why at Rogue Data Corporation are excited about automating police record checks with our new product Agile Records.

Agile Records is a comprehensive platform specifically designed for law enforcement to more efficiently process requests for criminal record checks, or other requests for information. Using Agile Records not only saves time by reducing data entry, but also ensures information is accurate and up to date. Our solution empowers citizens with rapid response. Law enforcement staff provide streamlined results, which is made possible with unified access to and analysis of multiple record databases locally, nationally and interjurisdictionally.

The Web Portal is a user-friendly online portal where applicants can create and submit their applications. It facilitates the submission of record check applications, with automatic status updates sent to applicants online, by email or SMS. Electronic Identity Verification, online payment and tamper-proof electronic sharing of results minimizes the need for on-site visits.

Through automated processing Agile Records reduces the risk of errors that may occur when conducting manual searches. With Agile Records handling the bulk of the work, you can have more confidence in the accuracy of the information shared with the community, fellow law enforcement agencies as well as other interest holders. With integration to criminal records management systems, Agile Records provides a unified view for: reviewing applications, analyzing and validating results, and automatically generating required results documentation, with digitally signed results securely emailed to applicants.

Law Enforcement owns all information and is exclusively for police use only. It is not seen or held by 3rd parties. Agile Records also guarantees data security with two-factor authentication and encryption of all transmissions. Highly customizable, Agile Records creates streamlined digital workflows, automated notifications, and consolidated oversight of all operations. Dynamically processing disclosures, pardons, advanced HR recruitment, subcontractor relationship analysis, and background information search support.

Agile Web Portal

A secure website for your community to prepare and submit a criminal record check application online. Integrates with your preferred EIV and online payment services.

Agile Administrative Portal

A secure, unified system that enables your archives department to receive, allocate and process local and national requests, issue decisions and generate forms for both online and in-person requests.

Agile Results

Digitally signed, forgery-proof electronic results are returned to eligible candidates in just a few minutes. A printing, sealing and mailing service is also available.


Send applications and receive secure results from the comfort of home



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We are a Canadian company. Agile Records’ solution and data center, as well as our police and community help desks, are located in Canada.

Agile Records is a software and hosted service solution provider proven to meet our customers’ service delivery needs cost-effectively.