Police Information Check System

for Police Services


Product Overview

An introduction to our background check system for police services…


From online record check applications to the secure distribution of results, our end-to-end Record Check System streamlines services to the public while integrating with internal police records, as well as CPIC and PIP information – all through a single view. Proven in production, the Record Check System dramatically improves public services while reducing the cost of service delivery. Improve public satisfaction!

Reduce wait time for results

Eliminate application backlogs

Minimize in-person visits and lobby line-ups

Automate payment reconciliation

Maximize staff efficiency

Refine police workflow audit capabilities

Facilitate C-level and management KPIs

Accommodate walk-ins when needed

Web Portal

A secure web site for your community to prepare and submit a request for a record check online.

Administrative Portal

An integrated system for your Police Department to manage all internal record check processes, documentation and metrics. 


A tamper-proof way for you to send police check results along with any disclosure documents by email or regular mail.


Depending on the number of applicants per year, we can provide either a per transaction fee or implement the complete environment for an unlimited number of record check requests.

Contact us to discuss which solutions work best
for you and the public you serve and protect.

In accordance with the ‘Broader Public Sector Accountability Act of Ontario’, your Police Service may procure your system directly using preset specifications already vetted by other police services.

If you are an Ontario based police service, you now have access to special discounts and other services via the ‘Police Cooperative Purchasing Group‘.


Police Information Check System

for Police Services



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